FigInStock closed its doors

After 7 years of operation, FigInStock closed its doors.

As we tried to figure how FigInStock can evolve, it became clear that the time we can allow to side projects like FigInstock is thin and do not allow us to make what FigInStock should be.

FigInStock was a little out of date (technically speaking), worked on aging serveurs, needed a lot of love we can not give, and sometimes required a lot of money. Evolutions we had planned were pushed back from month to month, to become years.

Let's talt about what FigInStock was:

  • The project was created in July 2010, because my wife told me she was in pain on Mandarake products checking
  • It was rebuild from scratch on may 2012 and attracted a lot of people
  • More than 12.300 users are registered on FigInStock
  • 31.000+ Mandarake alerts
  • 26.600+ Amiami pre-owned alerts
  • 43.500+ products for restocks alerts
  • 10.900+ products for price alerts
  • 947.536.221 requests (we were closed to 1 billion!)
  • More than 20 milion e-mails sent (!!!)
  • 1 big server, at least 4 crawlers, working 24/7 for you

Special thanks

To the donators who helped FiS grown in its early years:

James (Irland, 2015), José (Mexico, 2015), Tai (USA, 2015), Simon (Canada, 2015), Sean (UK, 2014), Fredrik (Sweden, 2014), Serena (Italy, 2014), Wilmar (USA, 2014), Zach (USA, 2014), Justin (Canada, 2014), Viet (Canada, 2013), Stacey (USA, 2013), Anastasia (Russia, 2013), Gael (France, 2013), James (USA, 2013), Grégory (France, 2013), Adam (Canada, 2013), Pierre-Michel (France, 2013), Melchior (USA, 2013), Kinaver (Estonia, 2013), Ivan (USA, 2013) Diane (France, 2012), Damian (Argentina, 2012), Marcelo (Brazil, 2012), Pedro (Mexico, 2012), Juliano (Brazil, 2012), Ananin (Russia, 2012), Fernando (Brazil, 2012), Jessica (USA, 2012), Samuel (Portugal, 2012), Pierre-Michel (France, 2012), Nicole (Australia, 2012).

To those who comments on the announcement:

T16skyhopp, Tunpa, Chloechan, foreverzero, sjon, Dragon@Talos, bossy1213, saoasuna, yasulong, stuffchan, Schro, Zephiyra, skmmanuel, kettenkrad, sotaj, nevarky, trappedinplastic, newchill, Cyberleader2000, ivysaurr, Yomiko, Kam, Krommissar, OtenBoy, kino, roronoa_zoro69, shadowstitch, on the Reddit thread or the MFC thread.

Thank you everyone for using FigInStock!